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A fairly recent project, small size and tedious to make.

The edge length is 2 5/8" and the handle is African Blackwood

The mokume is copper, silver, 5%Ag 95%Cu, 20%Ag 80%Cu. The later alloys I cast myself.

The damascus is 15n20 and 1084.

I will be making a scabbard for this piece shortly and will post up photos when it is finished :-)

This one is a personal favorite








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I think that is elegant and sophisticated. I made one somewhat similar a couple of years ago. I quite like this.

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I really love that mokume, much nicer colours than the usual brass and copper mokume I think.

I really want to try my hand at making some mokume soon.

Are you willing to share how you patinated the shibuichi? I like how many different colours it has.  

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