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A few recent knives.........

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I figured I'd toss in a few knives I've been working on lately.

Here's a San-mai with Ringed Gidgee and Mammoth tooth:









A Transition Damascus Bowie with Koa and wrought iron:





A San-mai hunter with sentimental Walnut provided by the customer:





Cru-Forge-V and African Blackwood:







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Very nice, to say the least!!! I especially like the one with the  Mammoth tooth. When I first got into knife making your name and one other are two names that my adopted mentor gave me, He said when I saw anything connected to these two names to pay attention. He sure was right, every time I look at your work, I see how much more I have to go!!! The one thing I have learned is that the camera doesn't lie. I have taken pics of a piece and see a flaw that I did not know existed. I had to go back to the piece and sure enough it was there but, my eye had overlooked it before!!

Where in the world did you find bakelite in that large of piece to be able to make the entire handle from it!! If that is a trade secret don't worry about answering!:lol:


Your work is flawless Karl!  bow

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6 minutes ago, C Craft said:

Where in the world did you find bakelite in that large of piece to be able to make the entire handle from it!!

There were some large sheets of this bolted to a wall in a basement building in Wisconsin. It's 1 1/8" thick.

The fuse boxes - dated 1918 I think - were bolted to the sheets of Bakelite. The building was under re-hab and some of the workers were cutting this up and tossing it in the dumpster when a friend of mine, who was part f the re-hab, noticed this and had them throw the pieces into his truck instead!! I was lucky enough to get some.


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When you said a few, I was thinking two or three, but that was a treat!   Gorgeous knives, but I especially love the W2/Curly Oak, and the San Mai/Bakelite knives.  

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nice! i love the curly oak one and the last one. i have some curly oak like that that i found out in my field, but it has a bunch of insect holes <_< bummer.


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Karl, thanks for the heads-up. I knew I had not seen anything like that in years! I did construction for years and when I think of some of the stuff I tossed in a dumpster because it was part of the job........... it makes me sick sometimes!!!


I love your work and the finished product does all of the talking. Superb pieces!! Top shelf indeed!! 

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Karl - I have one sheet of curly oak, and I LOVE it. I am staining it with Aqua Fortis, and doing a grain filling finish with oil like you would with an old English shotgun. It is beautiful stuff, isn't it?

The piece I lucked into is 1/8" x 7x24. So, it really only makes slabs. But man, what cool slabs it makes. I pinned some on a knife this morning. I will be done if a few days with it.



I love your output. Those are all great. I like the transition Damascus the best, but that is because it is a cool trick. They all look very nice.


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OMG -that curly oak is the tits. Well done on these blades. That San Mai transition is so crisp and sharp. Cudos. 

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