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A few new blades

Bob Hewitt

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I've been a bit quiet recently, life getting the way!


Anyway, a bit of stuff recently finished.






Top left is a hunter, 1095 with hamon (although my rubbish pictures don't show it too well) 120mm blade, 230mm overall. Comes with a deep vegtan sheath. Bronze pins to handle.






Next is a semi skinner in 15n20. Ramshorn scales, vegtan sheath. Blade is 110mm, 220mm overall.




Third one along is a trade knife. Oak scales and 15n20. The blade is just under 130mm, slightly under 240mm overall. Steel pins to handle.




The fourth one is a bit of an oddity that I can only describe as a puukko on steroids! 01 blade, 155mm long, 270mm overall. The handle is oak cut the opposite way to the grain so it has the appearance of rings if you look at it from the correct angle. The other angle looks more of a mess, but it'll make somebody a good beater! The other bits are cowhorn and fibre spacers. More vegtan for the sheath.




At the bottom is a broken back seax. 165mm blade with hamon, again 1095. I refer you to my earlier statement regarding the quality of the image capture and processing, m'lud! 290mm overall. The handle is textured yew with bronze pins. The sheath is supposed to look world weary, battle worn, very well used and repaired and generally knackered! Others might consider it a complete mess! More vegtan and a decent handful of copper rivets.






Right, that's it! They'll all be up for sale shortly, so what's the thinking, guys? All comments, suggestions, pain free preferably, and opinions welcome!

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I'm just sorry about the size of the text, guys. It seems that if you key in a post you get this size, but if you cut and paste from a "master copy" you get the size above. Seems like it's nearly impossible to change the size without losing all the links and background code. Next time I'll do it with my PC and not my iPad!

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