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Two rather simple seaxes I recently finished.  I've been quiet here lately, working on a very challenging commission that has me upgrading much of my equipment, the heat-treatment in particular.  These two blades are part of the first group of blades heat-treated in my new furnace, and I needed something new to take to Tannehill, so I went ahead and finished these out.

The blades are forged from 1084 and are just under 1/4" thick.  Both were grinded down to a zero edge, then refined with a tiny micro-bevel... They are very sharp and cut well for being so thick.  One is 10 5/8" overall with a 5 11/16" blade and maple handle.  The smaller one is 8 11/16" overall with a 4" blade and bog oak handle.  The sheaths are embossed leather with bronze fittings.

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George, when I think of Seax I think of your work always. Even though you can produce much more than Seax art, you. Nail these every time.

 Wish I could go to Tannehill. Been living in Ft. Lauderdale since August. Haven't had time to even hold a hammer.

Gary LT

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Thanks guys.  These just sold this morning, both to the same person...:)

Chris, the challenging commission is a sword, a Viking style single-edge that has me upgrading much of my equipment to handle larger blades.  Grinding a 30" blade has proven to be a true test of my ability, now it needs heat-treatment...

When it's done I'll name it Spiffy, in honor of Alan...:)

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2 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

That, sir, is an honor!  :lol:

I overheard a conversation earlier about Charlemagne's sword Joyese, and how Google translated it to 'Happy', which one must admit is an odd but strangely appropriate name for a sword...

Spiffy is even better.

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