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Large tanto wip


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I was originally going for a wakizashi but metal wasnt playing nice with the extra length so back in the forge and straightened it out and shortened the blade for a long tanto. Forgot to take pics of forging process but pretty simple. This is it after final shaping of blade and filing out dents and Knicks. Tomorrow begins the terribly slow process of filing in the edge and fattening up that tang and hopefully get started on sanding the blade.




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Filed in the edge and sanded down to 80 grit today. Just heat treated and quenched with my first attempt at a hamon. Knocked off as much clay as I could now to sand it up. Ignore the paper lol figuring out a design for longer forge.



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Well I tried 3 times to get the hamon to show but unfortunately it has escaped me this time. Don't want to run the risk of cracking the blade but sanded up nice and bit of a mirror finish so far and etched in the message for my kids mum. Next step work on the handle and scabbard.


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Just finished the tanto for my kids mum for mothers day. I'm not happy with how the scabbard turned out. I dont do wood scabbards but I wanted a bit more of a display factor for it that leather just doesn't do with me. The engraving in the scabbard says penguin in Kannada. Its my nickname for her. Was displeased to find a few Scratch's in one side of the blade after I polished it. The etching was done by me but my eldest scratched it into the nail polish so not my fault for the messiness lol haven't put a makers mark on this blade. Felt it wouldn't be right. Feel free to Let me know your opinions.






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