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I´m new to this forum and far from a pro, i have made my first forge and was wondering if any of you had some suggestions on modifications i should make to my design to avoid future problems. I have made a video about how i made it and hope it gives a clearer picture of the design. :)  



I am looking forward to any suggestions

Best Regards René A

Edited by René A
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Looks good. This is the charcoal forge I mocked up. Don't use it much yet since I use a gas forge but I'm going to be using it a lot more now iv found it can reach welding temps. And bonus is I can use it as a fire to heat the shed when I'm not heat treating :) using an old exhaust fan setup to provide air flow.




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Nice, I like that it can be used as a heater when it is not in use, that's something my design can’t because it's open.

I do also think that i’m going to make a gas forge in the future as it is what most people suggest as a better alternative :)

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