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9th/10th century simple folder

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(please read the following in Arnold Schwarzenegger voice:)


So, I have not posted for some time... I hope to change that, and to add more of my recent work, including some high medieval swords, avar belts etc... BUT, today I´d like to show this little bugger.

As the title says, it is a simple folder dating to the 9th, possibly 10th century, modeled after originals from Great Moravia (central europe).

I was very happy when I was approached and asked whether I could make such a knife. I find them charming in their simplicity... quite a lot of examples actually have a broken-backish blade, but for this one, a slight drop point was requested.

It taught me a great deal. I have made a folder similar to this in the past, but the handle piece had a different crossection, and when I was forming this one in my mind, I wanted it to look rounded and to have a certain presence... and I really enjoyed the mental process leading to the physical creation as well as the creation itself :) Hope I am not getting too esotherical here...   Also, I hope to make more of these in the future, possibly with inlaid handles, that would be cool...

aaanyhow, here is the video about it :)  :



and here are the pics:

The blade before final sanding and etch:IMG_0428.JPG



The very roughly shaped handle being worked on:IMG_0429.JPG



Cleaning the forgemarks on the handle at grinding it down to the desired uniform 3mms:IMG_0430.JPG



Beginning to bevel the handle - additional bevels will be aded later, and then the whole thing will be rounded:IMG_0431.JPG




Rounded, yay!:





Sanding the handle... always fun...gah!IMG_0434.JPG




I sanded even the edges of the handle so that it is nice to hold:IMG_0435.JPG




And here we go, the finished thing:IMG_0443.JPGIMG_0444.JPGIMG_0445.JPGIMG_0447.JPGIMG_0448.JPG

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I love it!  The shape is wonderful, and the wrought iron has a lot of character.

George Ezell, bladesmith

" How much useful knowledge is lost by the scattered forms in which it is ushered to the world! How many solitary students spend half their lives in making discoveries which had been perfected a century before their time, for want of a condensed exhibition of what is known."

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Thank you gentlemen!

Chris - no pin, no stopping :) Literature concerning these knives states that the blades were supported by the user´s thumb when in use, and that they had to be secured by a leather string when they were carried around in pouches... I riveted mine a bit tighter so that it doesn´t open, and I guess that one could fiddle with the dimensions of the tail to make the blade stop at the desired position, but there was no mention of such things in the materials I had available...

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Thanks for your reply. So as I understand it then, the pressure pushing the blade up is countered by the user, using their thumb against the spine of the blade to counter this force? 

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I like it a lot. It is a beautiful knife :)

so when the knife is opened/unfolded the blade is not locked? Is it supposed to be hold by a thumb only?


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that is a lovely little knife. I think it came out great. I sort of liked the handle with the facets, before rounding. That would be another good take on this.

glad to see you back.

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That is awesome! The austere profile of the knife really highlights the character of the wrought iron.

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