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Mini French/Chef /Petty... thing KITH Entry

Timothy Artymko

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I made this knife quite some time ago in a batch of prototype knives and I never posted it here. I started with some 3/32" 1095, cut the profile and ground in the bevels. Really, personally I don't find this any fun, it only takes 10 minutes to grind a knife like this and then another 10 to prep it for HT if you start with a cut blank of steel this thin, but it sure prevents working and I can get the blades down to about 30/1000 of an inch before HT. 


Stamped and ready! 


Post HT and I wanted to do something fun for the scales so I tried out adding a scallop for the fingers at the front of the handle as can be seen, and it's birds eye maple and ebony with SS pins. IMG_20170501_134645330.jpg 



And there it is finished! The blade is something over 6" long and the overall knife is (I think) over 10" but don't quote me on it. And trust me, it looks better in person. :P I want to add a few more coats of tung oil to the handle and maybe a little more patina but I will post a better picture of the knife once that is done. I personally don't 'love' this knife because there were a lot of firsts (handle differences, mustard patina, grinding bevels on 3/32", etc.). I hope you guys like it better than I do! That being said, if I find I have a bit of time and I really don't want to give this one away, I will make something better and maybe forged this time!

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