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hey guys, heres a knife i just finished. my most favorite I've ever made:P

1080 steel

walnut scales

1/4 copper pins

scandi grind

decorated tang

8 oz tooled leather sheath



advice is welcome! 


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I really like the square choil but personally would have preferred it parallel to the blade. Even so, I really like the knife as a whole.

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I like the overall look of the knife, but in the future I'd make a couple of minor changes:

1. making the choil square can be a danger in that 90 degree angles are a good place for a knife to crack etc.. during hard use, round choils are much   more resistant to fractures as there's no one spot that's weaker than any other

2. maybe flare the handle out towards the butt end for a more secure grip

...other than that I think you've nailed it, the slight downward curve of the handle is great ergonomically and the blade profile is right on.

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To me the choil looks like it would be good for quick and dirty cutting jobs like twine, wire and such. A lot of the better bowie-style combat knives have been made with a spine notch just for splitting barb wire.

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