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My first sword. Work in progress.


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So nearly finished hunting knife. Getting prepped for a major work that will hopefully be the finest blade I have ever made. Pulling out all the stops on this and going to take it slow and easy. First step was doing the design on paper. Took a bit of work and looks like it will come out as a nice sword. Going to make a wooden version to see how it looks put together.  As for the Damascus pattern I'm hoping it will look good but time will tell. Going for a twisted core and plain Damascus on edges. And going to use Damascus for the guard and pommel with a wire wrapped hand grip.


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so I have the steel arriving tomorrow and I'm wondering if a can get an answer about the pattern weld twisted core. Do I grind all 4 sides flat or leave the bits on what will be the faces with the ridges??? Also do I have to use Damascus steel to bring out the pattern? Because I'm looking to save some if I can and iv got some 1040 already twisted where I was experimenting that I'd like to use for the core if I can. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Pic of the stuff I got done yesterday. Couldn't get in the forge today. Just mild steel and wasnt so fussed about the twists as not after a pattern. Welded together quite nicely 55cm in length. Hoping to weld on the blade edges tomorrow and start forging out the rough shape.


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