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Edge geometry and sharpening a convex edge


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Hey Guys, 

Really new to blade making and i am chasing a bit of advice. I'm making a knife with a convex edge and i seem to be having a lot of trouble sharpening it. I guess the question how long should it take me/ how to i know when the edge is sharp/fine enough to move on to a finer grit sandpaper. I am working on the edge with 180grit wet and dry wrapped around some leather. I just have no idea how sharp/fine I should be able to get it and how to test it before moving to a finer grit. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.



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Geometry is based on the angle and the angle is based on thickness from spine to edge.
So if the spine is 3/16 and your edge before sharpening is .01 there will be a corresponding angle.
I generally am more concerned with edge thickness before sharpening than the angle.
So a work knife I will sharpen between .01-.008.
Get a digital micrometer.
Then when you are at thickness put a secondary bevel on and sand/polish to a desired grit.
220 will be toothy.
600 will be more razor like though both will shave hair.

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