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Type XV Arming sword

Matthew Parkinson

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I started this sword last Jan In Peter Johnssons sword class at tannery pond forge in NH. I got is as far as as rough assembly then it sat untill I had time ... well i decided to take the time and get it finished for my table at blade show in june, 

the blade is a little over 500 layer random pattern damascus of 15n20 and 1080,   the furniture is nicely figured wrought and I set two 12mm carnelian cabochons in the pommel . the grip is a maple core with cord and leather wraps.  the sword is a take down, and is held together with a pommel nut, that is shaped to appear as a peen block. enjoy, and you can check it out in person at table 21-o.

Enjoy guys, pro pics to come






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Nice! Looking forward to the rest of the photo's hopefully will get a better view of the pommel nut disguised as a peen block. Inspirational idea!

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I got the pro pic back on this one, going to have this one on our  table at Blade show this weekend, table 21-O for those attending.


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