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The Yuugure Kotanto

Grant Saxman

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This is the second installation in my series of themed tanto, The Yuugure Kotanto.
Here's the story:
Yuugure means dusk or twilight, and this is what I tried to model the blade after. The saya has a dark black, ishimeji (or "stone") finish with blackened and brushed copper cladding. It reminds me of the night sky when the last orangey hues of the sunset are just beginning to fade away. The copper can appear very dark black or a bright orange depending on the angle it is viewed at, this coupled with the rough texture of the ishimeji creates a really interesting aesthetic. The habaki, seppa, fuchi, and kashira are all blackened and brushed copper, giving them a dusky, aged feel. The tsuka has a white samegawa wrap and was lacquered over with natural urushi. After the lacquer cured, I lightly sanded the nodes of the samegawa so that it looks like little white stars are peeking out from the black background. I would like to add that the kings node is featured on this cut of same! The entire blade is secured within the tsuka with a single, dark katalox mekugi.  The blade itself has a wispy hitatsura hamon with some excellent activity. The mounted blade can be displayed on the dark black, matching wenge stand. The stand is all made from the same cut of wenge, so the color and grain pattern match throughout the stand. Also included is a small wenge mallet and a tapered brass pin for knocking out the mekugi and dismounting the blade.
Some info on the blade:
OAL: 9" from the kashira to tip of the kissaki
Saya + Tsuka dimensions: 10"x7/8"x1.75"
Blade Width: 1.3" at widest point
Blade Thickness: 1/8" at the munemachi with a distal taper to the end of the kissaki
Hamon: Hitatsura with great activity
Blade Polish: Light etch mirror polished to 2000
Mountings: Habaki, Seppa, Fuchi, Kashira, Tsuka, Saya, Mekugi
Mounting Materials: Walnut, Katalox, Copper, Samegawa, Urushi, Iron Oxides
Blade Material: 1095 with a differential quench in brine
The blade has a single katalox mekugi and can be completely dismounted for easy maintenance and sharpening. The blade has been honed to 6000 grit on waterstones and is very sharp.
I'm asking $SOLD for it and it ships free in the contig. U.S.
First to ask gets it, shoot me an email at YozakuraForge@gmail.com or PM
I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you all have and would love to see your comments on the blade :)
Thanks for looking
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