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Hi All, 

So while trying to find some images of my grinder build for someone I realised I have the images of my first knife here at work. I have shared this on the Aussie Knife Forum, but not here, so here goes. This is the post i copied and pasted from the other forum back in January - Have learnt tonnes since this and have a 72" grinder and a gas forge now. :) 

"So i thought i would share my first knife and its journey. Like most (?) we all started off very ambitiously i presume. I built the forge, and the tools to use at said forge. Then learnt a bit more (thanks youtube) and decided i would give this knife thing a go. Brought some 1075 and was told to go stock removal for a first. Check, did that. It wharped on HT so i tried to straighten it. Snapped the first 35-50mm off of the gyuto kitchen knife. Hmmm... So then changed plans and decided to make a Santoku(esk) knife. Fired up forge and went at forging my first blade from what was left. Nice! Then HT. Was straight, WINNING! Ok, back to files... Doh! this sucked. So I inverted my hand held belt sanded. Much better. 

Anyway, i can ramble on for ever about the process but i know you all came to look at the images. I am truly hopeful some of you out there will be able to provide some well thought out constructive criticism and/or as questions of why i did what i did so i can explain and then perhaps receive more feedback. So please have at it!!! nightmare.png tongue.png

Again, this is the first knife i have ever made, first HT (sort of), first temper, first polish, first handle, first WA handle, first everything... Here are some stats."

Material - 1075
Cutting edge - 170mm
OAL - 325mm
Height at Heel - 50mm
Width at Heel - 3mm
Tapered to - 1.2(ish)mm

Material - Swamp Mahogany and Copper
Lenght - 150mm
Height @ ferrule - 28mm
Width @ ferrule - 25mm
Height @ end - 30mm
Width @ end - 28mm


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1 hour ago, Wes Detrick said:

How does it cut?

"it will cut" - bahahaha, It does great on proteins, but rubbish at things like potatoes and pumpkin. Its WAY too thick behind the edge. Also its somewhat asymmetric/chisel ground. Its my go to for breaking down large pieces of meat. 

Thanks for the complement - I was pretty happy with it for a first. Learnt Tonnes. 

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First knives are not only a right of passage Chris C-S, but an enormous learning curve. I think we can learn more from our first knives than we do from any subsequent one, even as we see great strides in design, fit and finish as our practice shows in the results.

My first knife was made almost entirely with an angle grinder but I still have it and se it occasionally. If it was all I had, it would still do the job it was expected to do and did do near 40 years ago.

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Von Gruff


The ability to do comes with doing.



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The first knife I made outside of a classroom no longer exists.  I erased it from history as the very sight of it offended me.  The second knife was much much better.

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“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer."  -Albert Camus


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