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A seax I finished up last week

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This is a seax I finished last week. it is a multi bar of 1095, L6, and 15n20. The center core is a cinnamon roll of the same.

The Stack from top to bottom on the picture is Raindrop pattern,15n20, raindrop pattern, 15n20, cinnamon roll,  15n20, raindrop pattern, 15n20, raindrop pattern.


once I started forging i got some gaps between the cinnamon rolls so I milled them out and re-welded them with more pattern weld.


forged it out and pretty happy with the pattern


spiral with sheath2.JPG

spiral closeup.JPGspiral pommel.JPG


The blade fittings are pattern weld with  a carved bacote handle with Turquoise inlay.

I am new to documenting these things so i hope I shared enough.

Thank you for looking


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Like the cinnamon rolls. So does my GF but she says it needs raisins :rolleyes:

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