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Hello everyone. Forged Roman gladius (Pompeii). One of my favorite builds so far! I'm sorry to see this leave my shop and go to its new owner.

Steel- 5160
Wood- Walnut
Handle- Elk antler
Overall Length- 28.5"
Blade Length- 20.25"
Blade Width- 1.8"
Point of Balance- 2.5" from guard
Weight- 1lb 11oz


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Great job! This sword has nice lines, and very rich beautiful colors with the wood and antler.

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4 hours ago, Wes Detrick said:

Wow, so clean!  The fit and finish are damn near immaculate.  Excellent work!

Thank you Wes I really appreciate it. The hilt took me longer to make and fit than the sword to to forge and finish.

9 hours ago, JeffM said:

Very nice looking project....

Thanks Jeff I really appreciate it!

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3 minutes ago, Steve Karakostas said:

Thanks Chris! I'm going to start sharing a lot more of my projects from now on. I have a bunch in the works.

YOU CAN DO IT!!! - Share your F'n Projects, Yeah!!! - (Insert Rob Schneider voice) 

Sorry couldn't help myself there. LMAO. 

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