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Kitchen kith 2017 progress


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This is my first attempt at making kitchen cutlery, seems that is there is a lot to learn in doing so. I have tried to take the important properties from the typical chef knife and fit it into an design of my own.The blade is made from springsteel witch will give some problems on heat treat being a thinner blade then i usually make.

Rough Grind:

Foto 26-05-17 17 32 51_1024x768.jpgFoto 26-05-17 17 32 58_611x768.jpg


During HT the blade was visible bending in the transmission phase. Giving counter pressure and swearing while the blade was hardening i managed to get most out of it. The rest was done while tempering. I aimed for 60 RC, the result look fine, a straight blade! It has a small bevel going from 3.5mm to less then 1mm where a micro bevel will come.

Foto 27-05-17 17 27 42_1024x768.jpgFoto 27-05-17 17 29 09_1024x768.jpg


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The handle design resembles modern chef knifes, economic design all wood and a small 2mm pin just to be sure..


Foto 05-06-17 17 58 09_800x600.jpgFoto 05-06-17 17 57 22_800x600.jpg

Interesting, well so far i heaved not seen it done, is the construction. The blade is going to be glued from the back, there i will poor the mixture and hope the tang opening is tight enough so i dont goop up my blade.

Foto 05-06-17 17 56 20_800x600.jpgFoto 05-06-17 17 59 13_800x600.jpg

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Nice Karim

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