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Leg Vise - Screw Box - WTB

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I'm searching for a screw box for a 4" leg vise of unknown manufacture. The old one cracked, and was misplaced by the guy who was supposed to repair it. I live in Mexico and these kinds of things are near impossible to find (for sale anyway). I can have it shipped to family in Philadelphia where I will pick it up.

the screw is about 1 and 1/8" outside diameter.

Not too concerned with appearance, just need a fix.









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How about fabbing up something.  A large nut that will fit the screw (acme, I think) tacked to a large washer.  Weld a leg on the washer to fit the slot.

Acme taps are pricey, especially in that size, but if you could find one on ebay (or maybe one of the members of the board has one and could make up what you need) then you bore a hole and tap in a big chunk of mild, weld a keeper on and BYU (Bob's Your Uncle).


This can't be that hard a thing to make.




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1 hour ago, Alan Longmire said:

Scaffold leg adjustment screw?  They're 1" acme thread with a captive nut.

Only Alan would have had that answer so readily!! 

Check out this link>  https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=+Scaffold+leg+adjustment+screw+1"+acme+thread&_sacat=0


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Those scaffold legs come in different diameters. Re-meassure the orginal and then do a search on Ebay by size and scaffold leg adjustment screws!!

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Just thought of house jacks, too!  They are pretty beefy and have a big nut already installed.  You'd need to do something about a handle, but that's no biggie.

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My own leg vice suffered the same fate.  I used new 1 1/4” Acme thread and 2 Acme nuts to build a new screw assembly.  I took a few pics along the way. I made the thread longer and welded the nut to a steel plate and a steel tube as the screw block. I welded in some dogs to engage with the vice frame. So far it works really well.


hope this helps,






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