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Kith finally started WIP


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I have had zero time to even start the forge over the last 2 to 3 months partially due to my hand injury and life in general. My goal is for a kiritsuke style knife. I'm hoping to incorporate a san mai design. I'll post more pictures as they come. Core of the blade is ?5160, it is forged from train spring, I love using it even though it is a pain but it hardens quite wonderfully so, to about 3/8" then I cleaned it up. I cleaned what I believe is mild steel, but the person who gave it to me says it is wrought fencing 1/4" thick. Doesn't appear to be though after I cut it. I welded the billet up to be forged but am currently suffering from tank freezing issues so that's it for today. It felr great to be back hammering.

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Well what I felt was going to happen did and the weld did not take. Not the end of the world but I was really hoping. So at this point I will be sticking to a single steel. I have it rough forged to shape and it is cooling over night. Hopefully I have the time to at least rough grind tomorrow. Hopefully heat treat. The tang is forged thinner as it will be hidden just didn't take a photo. 



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Well very bad news... I started to do the rough grind and came across some what appeared to be small cracks. Needless to say they were worse than first imagined. I continued grinding until the distance from spine to edge became to small for it to be a useable knife and the cracks still exsist. Back to the start. I'm currentlt waiting on steel in the mail, keeping my fingers crossed I will have the time to get this finished by the 1st. New blade will not be mystery but 52100. Top photo is the edge, bottom is the spine.



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Been awhile. Finally got started back, I received some 52100, which is the new knife. Anyway it is now forged out rough ground, except for the bevels which were rough forged in. I got it cleaned and covered with layout blue today and scribed in my bevel lines. Hopefully will get those ground in tomorrow morning after work.




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