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So far so good!

Dan Waddell

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For my KITH blade I decided to use some pattern weld that I gave up on several times for various reasons.  Through out the forging I had to adopt new techniques to make the steel usable.  I didn't take many pictures so I'll have to fill in the gaps a bit.

It starts at 17 layers drawn out to 20" x 2" x .25" Luckily I got to do this under a friends power hammer.  All the other work was done by hand.  I cut that bar in 2 and made jelly rolls with them.




I then drew the jelly rolls out to about 1.25" octagons, and attempted an accordion unfold.  This did not go well as my welds at the core didn't take, but they were clean.  I ended up continuing and doing a san mai with 1084 core in an attempt to get all my welds closed.  This went well so I tried to forge weld on a guard.  This was at 9"blade length.


The welds ended up being terrible so I cut my loses.


Here she sits post forging clean up!  Currently a little over 7"blade length.


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