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This sword was from a little while ago, though I thought some of you may enjoy it. This was a commissioned piece.

It is a traditional Chinese Jian. Primarily due to the extreme distal taper, this sword is an absolute joy to handle. Light and thin at the tip yet stiff, much of the weight is concentrated in the hilt and first two-thirds of the blade. This allows the balance to be placed far from the grip, giving the blade a surprising amount of cutting power while remaining fast and responsive. Overall, a fantastically fun sword with surprising power and quickness.

The brass guard and pommel are salt water etched, and the blade is 5160.


Weight: (forgot to obtain; roughly two pounds)

Overall Length: 35.125in (892.18mm)

Guard Length: 1.804in (45.83mm)

Guard Width: 3.152in (80.05mm)

Pommel Length: 1.977in (50.21mm)

Handle Length 7.5in (190.5mm)

Blade Width at Base: 1.339in (34mm)

Blade Width at Tip: .663in (16.84mm)

Blade Thickness at Base: .261in (6.64)

Blade Thickness at Tip: .114in (2.89)

Center of Gravity: 3.74in (95mm)

Forward Pivot Point: 16.75in from base (425.45mm)

Center of Percussion: 17.75in (450.85mm)







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Thanks guys.

Steve, I believe the handle is jobillo, but I'd have to retrace my steps to remember what the scabbard is.

Wes, yes that's exactly what I did haha. Coated them in nail polish, drew designs and scratched them out, then let them sit in a salt water bath while hooked up to a battery to etch. Brass is very stubborn when it comes to etching, so I had to let them sit in the bath for about 10 minutes each.

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Really nice looking piece. Super long with a short handle, i would assume this is very 'whippy' ? and flexible. I can see a Chinese man/woman in the flying crouching pose conducting death by a 1000 cuts with this. Nice and thanks for sharing. :) 

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that is a really nice sword. I love the etching, too. I am going to be engraving a dao fitting set some day soon (ok, months from now after I make the sword). Etching never occurred to me.

I love the design of the etching, too.


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