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Completed KITH 2017 Photo Thread

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I'm kicking off a thread for those who want to post pics of their completed entries.

Here is my entry.  It is a fusion of styles, and doesn't have one of it's own.  The blade is 8" long and made from 144 layers of 1095 and 15N20.  The handle is maple with desert ironwood adornments and copper and nickel-silver spacers.  The blade is 0.130" (3.2mm) thick at the spine over the heel, and tapers to about 0.020" (0.5mm) at the tip.  It has a full flat grind and a 20-degree secondary bevel.


KITH 2017_zpsvrci8xrj.JPG

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Here is my entry:

c100 steel with temper line, with a hexagonal handle made of apple wood from my own garden and an ebony spacer.

3mm thick at the handle tapering to 1.5mm at the tip. 

Total length 34cm (13 inch),with an edge length of 20cm (almost 8 inches.)



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