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W1/mild San Mai


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Hey Guys, Not gonna lie I started this in the winter and then forgot about it till now... :unsure:   anyways should be all good! Not sure what to call it but it's w1 and mild steel sides, seems to show a hamon above the weld line from carbon migration. it's shapes based off a knife I've been using for the last half year and seems to deal with most foods in the kitchen.Did a test etch but still needs to get a good polish on it and a handle. Thinking dark wood and the blade and a lighter maple for the rest of it.

Hope you guys like it, I'm getting excited seeing the other knives!

Here's how it started, 2 by 2 by 3/4"



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-Michael Lenaghan

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Well got the blade all finished, all that's left is a hand sharpening on stones but gonna wait till it's ready to go out for that. Left the blade with a matte finish but there is a hamon in there sitting above the weld line on the mild steel, its neat being able to see the carbon migration!

The way the tang was forged it was kicked a little up and would normally have it flat with the spin but it sits nicely in the hand and is wanted to kill some veggies!


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-Michael Lenaghan

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