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KITHen knife

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I got a late start, like last weekend, but it's coming together quickly.  The blade started as a cutoff from a much larger project, a four bar composite of 1080 with two twists running down the center.  It worked out nicely for this blade I think, and kind of took a life of it's own when I forged it out to shape.  I think it has personality...

The photo is from this morning, the epoxy is curing as I type.  The handle is some stabilized bog oak I've had for a few years now, and stabilized black marcusta (or something like that, I'll have to look up the name again) with a bronze spacer.  I wanted to use stabilized materials as this knife will likely live in a wet environment.

Hopefully I'll be finished with the knife tomorrow and starting on the saya.


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It's almost there... The knife is finished unless I decide to tinker with the blade finish more.  The saya is in the process of staining, it's made from poplar, and I'm not sure if I like the color I'm getting so I may do some tinkering there also.  She's sharp, and wants to bite... 


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