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Large quantity of coal CHEAP Limited time - Richmond VA

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I am passing this along from my local Blacksmith's guild; The coal is located near Richmond Virginia, sorry I don't have the exact location.  If you can get there to pick it up this is a nice opportunity.

My name is Scott.

I have a extremely large amount of bituminous type coal for sale.

This was removed from a historic warehouse that had a coal vault room.

This facility went up for sale and is being converted to usable space, so this is a one time deal. We have until July 15th, 2017 to get it completely removed from the site.

I have a backhoe with a 1.3 cubic yard or 1 ton bucket to load.

It will be sold as follows:

.10 cent per pound for 1 ton

.05 cents per pound for anything over 5 tons

If I have to deliver the cost increases to .20 cents per pound within a 50 mile radius of the site anything further will need to be discussed

Pick ups will be scheduled on Friday, Saturday and Sunday unless prior arrangements are made.

Again deadline for site removal is July 15th, 2017

As a blacksmith myself finding coal here in Virginia isn't easy as it used to be,  Sources have closed there doors more recently. I used to drive to Elkton.

I hope you share this with others in your associations , staff and fellow blacksmiths.

Contact me by email me @ sohrum40@gmail.com OR call, leave a message at 804.349.5829


Scott Ohrum

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