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Here is my latest finished sword,I have been trying to make more swords!

The sword is by me and the scabbard is by Tod.

Off on hols for a week and then into a couple of very intensive Teaching months....so unlikly to be much new stuff from me for a little while....although I do still have a few things nearly finished!




The blade is patternwelded in a romanoceltic pattern with lines running up the middle and a 200 layer edge that is welded at the tip.






The handle is made from boxwood and the guard and pommel are walnut with brass fittings (and a couple of copper rivets on the peening block.)



The scabbard is brass and decorated pewter over a poplar core and has been made by Tod from Tod’s Stuff.



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It is a piece of art. Every time I go back to the pics I see something I had not seen before! 

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Another amazing piece Owen, but you can't go on holiday!  You have been providing so much top notch sword and knife porn lately that I am addicted.  I already feel my hands starting to shake...

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Beautiful work! I'm not much of a gladius guy, but the craftsmanship is obviously top shelf. It's great that you're doing more sword, too.

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