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Laminated Shirogami (white steel) #1 Petty

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Hi guys I have just finished this one up. Its a japanese inspired petty knife hand forged by me.

Steel:Hitachi Shirogami (white steel) number 1 laminated with SUS 410 stainless with pure nickel in between them.
Blade:~4.375" long featuring a full distal taper
Handle:~4.25" Wa handle featuring old growth mahogany bolster paired with beautiful light colored ringed gidgee 

This blade is wicked sharp and has a rounded choil and spine. I also took time to chamfer the sharp edges on the front of the handle and round the back of the handle. The blade was hand finished to 800 grit and etched to show the frosty mountain-like scenery in the blade caused by the carbon diffusion between the stainless jacket and high carbon core steel. The handle was finished to 2500 grit, buffed, rubbed with teak oil, and finally finished with paste wax.


Thanks for checking this out guys. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Now for some pictures.




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Hi Kevin, think of the blade like a 5 layer sandwich 

stainless/nickel/core steel/nickel/stainless 

the stainless is very corrosion resistant and the nickel doesn't rust because it is pure nickel. The core steel is carbon steel and therefore susceptible to rust. Thanks for checking it out! 


-Jeff Fogleboch 

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