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KITHtastic Kitchen Knife

Dan Bourlotos

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Here is my KITH. Not quite done, but I got the handle rough sanded, and needed to take a few pictures. 

Blade is 7.25" long and blade of 1084 tempered to 61 HRC. Handle is a frame design (which is my go to for kitchen knives. Allows for a way cleaner fit with little effort IMO) constructed with two slabs of bokote and a paduak spacer. I really like the red on black color combination. I have several design issues with the handle and choil (which looked sexy as hell until I put the handle on), but it feels comfortable in the hand and cuts like a razor. Since it looks like there will be an extension, I might make a new handle. As with most of us, I have a habit of over thinking things. 




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I dunno. I quite like it.

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