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Photos - link via thumbnails

Wild Rose

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Another way to speed things up and lower usage follows:


This will most likely ONLY work if you are hosting your images off site:


Here is an example - the first part is the large image to which you link to via your thumbnail - the second posts the thumbnail which I normally size to 200 pixels for the largest size of the image i.e if the fullsize image is 640 x 480 your thumb will be 200 x 150 and only around 10-11Kb - for those on dial-up this is a godsend as it will speed the opening of images immensely and you can post 3-5 thumbs. This is especially helpful when posting multiple shots - in that case I usually post one full size image to catch the eye and then use thumbnail/links for all additional images


[ URL=http://www.wrtcleather.com/1-ckd/1-gallery/randys-3.jpg ][ IMG ]http://www.wrtcleather.com/1-ckd/1-gallery/1-gallery-thumbs/t_randys-3.jpg[ /IMG ][ /URL ]


Here is how the above will look when set up without the spaces I added to the tags above in order to demo this way of posting images:



Hope this helps...........

Chuck Burrows

Wild Rose Trading Co



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