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FLat bar tongs for sale.

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12 hours ago, Gary LT said:

Include myself as well JJ. Even though still stuck in Ft. Lauderdale, I do get to forge a little when I’m home sometimes to Atlanta. Tried to send email also.

Gary LT

As soon as messenger is up I will answer.

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For all forging partners.......if you don’t have a pair of these, get them!

I waited too long until I saw JJ was offering again and I jumped on it. 

Got them in time for a 4 day weekend and had a great time catching up on work waiting for me. (living in Ft.. Lauderdale, Fl I don’t have access to my forge)

I will order another set for hidden tang gripping.

superb stuff!!!!!

Gary LT

"I Never Met A Knife I Didn't Like", (Will Rogers)

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I second that. I've been struggling with a meager tong selection for years. I used my new JJ Simon tongs this last weekend and enjoyed them very much. Excellent for flat bar holding, but for me, when I get to finishing a Japanese style blade, they also hold the finished shape and allow for choking up on the blade. Not something a bolt or flat tong does.

thanks again, JJ 


Dan Pfanenstiel

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