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differential ht 154

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how would you do a differential heat treatment on 154?


ive been asked to produce a couple blades in cpm 154 for slipjoint folders.

assuming the backsprings are around 45rc, id want to temper the tangs to a similar hardness.  for which, cpm's specs call for 1200f tempering cycles.


would you temper by hand using a torch?

any other ideas?


thanks in advance.



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It is highly resistant to grinding, which means if you have a belt grinder you'll use four times the belts than you would on a simpler steel.  Hand sanding will also take that much more effort. It's also outside the realm of home heat treating for most people.  Most who use it send it out for heat treating.  If you must have stainless it's among the best, but it is not an easy steel.  I don't think forging it is recommended, not that that stops some of us from trying.

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