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Here are a few recent knives I've finished. 

Two railroad spike knives with a 1084 bit forge welded in for the cutting edge. I banged them out pretty quick and took a sub par pic even quicker. I donated them to our local school fair silent auction.


Both of these are reclaimed 1095 chopper blade steel from our sugarcane harvester. 

Just kind of sketched this one looking at an old Imperial folding knife. With Kirinite scales that I scalloped and hand sanded to 1500. I want to darken the brass pins, just not sure what to use yet.


Here is a skinner with spalted pecan scales from a tree that fell in my moms yard a couple years ago. I noticed the spalt when I was splitting some wood for my smoker.  I cut some scales oversized and let them dry down. The wood is hand rubbed with TruOil and the blade is hand sanded at 600.


This puts me at an even dozen forged and finished knives.

Thanks for looking.

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