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Big camp chopper


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Heres my latest; a big camp chopper for an outdoorsy friend of mine. 20 inches OA, 14 inch blade, 1/4" thick. (about 51 cm oa, 36 cm blade, 6,4 mm spine) Made from nablo spring steel and birch burl. Going for a bit of a rustic look, I only hand sanded to 180 grit, as this will see a lot of heavy use and I also wanted a finish that my friend can easily touch up himself if it gets stained or rusted.


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19 hours ago, Garry Keown said:

Love that birch  burl. Lots of heavy work ahead for that one.

Yeah, my dad has a bunch of these burl cutoffs laying around. He used to make handles and sheaths as a hobby, but kinda lost interest after a while, so I get to use them now.

18 hours ago, Wes Detrick said:

What Garry said, that birch is gorgeous.  Great work all around though, it looks to be a beast

Thanks. Its my first bare wood handle so I'm stoked that people like it. 

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55 minutes ago, Jeroen Zuiderwijk said:

Very nice. What did you treat the birch with?

Thank you. Just sandpaper up to 1200 grit, and wood finishing oil. I had just oiled it when I posted the pics, so it looks a bit more shiny than it really is. 

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