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Diamond Stone Sharpening


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So, I some time ago got myself a double sided diamond stone, been trying sharpening with it a bit, it's going okay, though maybe I need a bit more patience.

Anyways, What's the proper technique to use?

Some tell you to do a slicing motion on top of the stone, which has done alright for me.
Some tell you to do a back 'n forth motion, which has given me the best edges so far.
And some tell you to do a circling motion, which I have found quite bothersome as the hilts of some knives seem to get in the way.

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I tend to use a back and forth motion for rough material removal and end up polishing with just the forward motion, and strop backwards. My own preference, I'm sure there are some with lots more experience that have different methods

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i second all above and would add that the stone needs to be flat and soaked, so make sure that is the case before starting the job. Consistency in the angle is the most important.

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