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Damascus Kiridashi Neck Knife w/ Full Shirasaya

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I have a new design that I am very excited to show you all today! I recently saw a traditional kiridashi from Japan, it had a wood saya and it got me thinking about a new knife design.
This knife features a full shirasaya and a necklace. The blade is held firmly within the saya and can be worn around the neck using the necklace. It can then be easily drawn with one hand, and the saya will be left around your neck attached to the necklace. Now here's the really cool part, if you don't want to wear it around your neck, the necklace has clasps that can be opened and allow the necklace portion to be easily removed. Once you remove the necklace, you can carry the blade around in your pocket like a pocket knife. The shirasaya and blade are designed to be very compact and lightweight, creating a very versatile blade for many situations.
Now for the specs:
OAL of shirasaya: 5.5"
Blade length from tip to start of handle: just under 3"
Blade width: ~.75"
Blade thickness: .17"
Furniture: Walnut with cocobolo spacers, leather wrap and necklace with aged brass clasps, and a mosaic pin
I see this blade being used best as a self defense and utility knife. It would also function very well for woodworking uses like as a marking knife or for carving.
I'm asking $SOLD for this one, ships free USPS priority in the contiguous USA. PayPal preferred
Feel free to post questions or comments, first one to say "I'll take it" gets it. You can also contact me at YozakuraForge@gmail.com.
Thanks for looking!
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