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4 sheaths for 3 knives

Garry Keown

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These three are away in the post in the morning and while the pics are terrible due to the low winter sun the wood is actually quite nice on them. I will have to look at a decent light box set-up for taking these pics indoors as the pics taken outside  really detract from the presentation.

 The first hunter skinner has cocobolo with ebony bolsters

A full flat grind on 4 in x 1/8  1084 blade at 61 R tested  (100x3.2mm)




This is  my safari knife (bushcraft)  with cocobolo and ebony on a 3 3/4 in x  .157   01 blade at 61R (90x4mm)

The guy wanted both the horizontal carry and a stadard vertical carry sheath which I did before I designed the multiple carry sheath shown for my safari knife




This one if for another chap and is the hunter skninner with curly maple and jarah (blade specs as for the hunter skinner above.



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Von Gruff


The ability to do comes with doing.



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Very nice. They second one is my favorite, the design matches its intended purpose well.

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