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Bought a whole bunch (about 30) of old Canadian made files made by Globe. Does anyone know the alloy content? Few of them are worn out and will have a second life slicing stuff. 

I acknowledged most file companies use batches of whatever fits the specs but still...

Thank you folks!

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Now don't take this for Gospel but, Nicholson bought out Globe way back. But the Canadian files remained under the name of Globe! Back in the day Nicholson was using something close to 1095, both here in the US and in Canada!!

The new files, since Nicholson took its business to Mexico are crap! The ones from the Brazil plant are supposed to be better, I found one here a while back and bought it but have yet to try it! 

Once again it makes no sense at all to me when a company takes there business to another country and then uses a cheaper steel. Not only have they cut costs for labor but they cut the cost of making the item. Then within a few years their company that has been around for years is going out of business! And no one can understand why!

Image result for shocked emojiIt's called running the locomotive at full speed with the dead man tied back, till they run it off the cliff!! 

Here is a few interesting reads on files:




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