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Philip Patton

Zoomorphic seax WIP

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So this project started out with some stainless damascus (AEB-L and 304) from Randy Haas of HHH damascus that I won.1.jpg

Being stainless I have not messed with forging it or HT before so with this one I ground out the profile of a couple blades and then sent them to Randy Haas to HT.


Here are a few photos of the HT process from Randy:




After I got them back I started right away:

Here was my sketched out design idea in the beginning:

Materials: hard maple, wrought iron, bone, veggie tanned leather, wool, boiled linseed oil, artificial sinew, gules and epoxy...
The following photos of my process of creating:

After putting everything together I put the handle in some boiled linseed oil and I pulled a small short vacuum to put oil deep into the wood to give it better color and make the grain stand out.





All done:






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Hi Philip. Looks great. Always like your works. :)

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Thanks Mohd. :-)

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Wow, you jumped into that one with a plan I see!! Love the whole entire package to watch it come to life by strolling through the pics is amazing. I really love how the sheath finished. You definately knew where you were taking this one too!!

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Thanks Jonas and Craft!

It dose helps having a plan. Sometimes they come along and other times I struggle.

For example: I have another knife I am working on finish up the blade currently, that I have done some kind of experimental things with as well as some things out of my comfort zone.

The blade is looking awesome at this point I think, and I know everything I want to do with that..., but now I'm working on trying to figure out what I want to do for the handle and sheath but I'm just not quite sure as of yet on the how's, what's, and transitions involving those aspects.

It is driving me crazy.

Edited by Philip Patton
Wanted to.

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