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Kanmuri Otashi tanto (Tendick - Williams Blade Design)

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Hey guys, here is a recently completed blade I built for Williams Blade Design.
This one is a 12" blade, Unokubi Zukuri tanto in CPM 3V. 
It is based on a traditional, although not extremely common blade style. It is similar to a Kanmuri Otashi style blade, but it leaves more steel to reinforce the tip.
Here is a pretty decent chart showing the different styles.
James does't typically have tsuba on on his designs, so this one features a low profile turks knot "guard". It's small enough to act as a hand stop, but not so much it makes the profile to thick.
Here is the finished blade.
Here is James cutting a tanto size tatami mat.....
And finally a sword size mat...
Needless to say I am quite pleased with the performance. :cool:
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Congratulations Ben. Nicely done. I wasn't aware Japanese blade designs incorporated fullers (but then there is a lot I don't know).

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Great job, that blade is great. I love tantos and you definitely nailed it. The video performace is great to see. Congrats

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