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Any Khukuris Made By Modern Bladesmiths?

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I'm interested in khukuris, and would love to find some modern bladesmiths (i.e., non Nepalese kamis) who are producing these blades. Using this forum's search engine, I found several threads about khukuris...


A forumite named Dan mentioned he made them himself. Any information would be most appreciated.



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My dad sent me a kukri from iraq, I guess some people there make them. I dont know if they did it using hammer and anvil or anything though. It's one of their traditional ones, with the kukri itself, the sharpener, and the ity bitty ... what is it, a suicide knife? i would post a picture, but last time I wiped my hardrive i guess it uninstalled the thing that lets you use USB cables.

But the knife has an awesome looking dragon design on it, the sheath is leather and wood, and the handle is leather, wood, and polished brass.

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