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Sometimes it works

Klaas remmen

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Hi all, it has been a while, but i have been busy. I kept on trying everything that comes to mind, and kept running to the microdcope to see what happened when. Finally something went the way it should and i got a nice pattern and good structure! I cannot describe the feeling i got when i finally had this, but it was good...

Now back to the forge, this needs to be practiced!





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Nice Klaas. Fingers crossed for the next one.

"The way we win matters" (Ender Wiggins) Orson Scott Card


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Really nice work Klaas! Congratulations, you have been paying attention!  Those are some really nice tiny spheroids and lovely watering.  Did you log the forging process that you used on a forging table?  It helps you to be able to repeat the main elements of the process that got you that pattern.  Keep up the good work mate. :)

Tim Mitchell
Buffalo River Forge
Great Lakes, Australia.

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On ‎12‎/‎3‎/‎2017 at 2:58 PM, Jan Ysselstein said:

Klaas ,  Have you had a chance to practice this look and if so how is its going ?

Yes yes. Please keep showing the progress.

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