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Maegnas..... not a steel blade but a model for one to come

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Magna is my name, I am the spiders bane.  This is my take on sting.  Based entirely on the carton version of the hobbit that I watched as a kid.  It is the blade that inspired me to want to make knives in the first place.  I hope I will not bore anyone as this is a wooden model of a blade that I will make in steel.  Preferably Damascus once I have gotten a little better at forgewelding.  It is a 14" blade and 21" overall. Made of red oak and poplar. Cord and leather wrapped handle.  Consider this a proof of concept piece that let me try a few new techniques without wasting a bunch of material like the cord wrapped leather handle and grinding a fuller.  It also let me test the limits of my lasers cutting ability as that is what I used to blade the wood pieces.  I have shown the creative process in order from the digital drawing I did of it 4 years ago. I hope you enjoy.  Moderators if this is the wrong place to put this please move it to the correct section of the forum.












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That is an awesome piece of work.

And that young 'un looks like a natural.

I'll bet he's not allowed to take that one out in the yard by himself!

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Nice job!  I remember that one well.  I had the two-record read-along set of the Rankin-Bass Hobbit cartoon.  It's still out there on Vimeo or Youtube or one of those, I watched it a couple of years ago for fun.

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That is pretty slick.  Some of my projects take me many months to finish.  It might be well worth the investment of time to make a complete wood model beforehand...

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 I actually used 1/4 ich thick red oak.  I cut 3 pieces out on my laser with precision 1/8 inch dowel holes in the thicker section.  Then I doweled and glued it together with titebond 2 wood glue and sanded the dowel ends off.  I won't be able to use the laser when I make the metal version but it really sped up the prototype process.  This could be possible with a drilI press and files but i would make the hole first. Then drill dowel holes.  Then glue together and shape with a belt or disk sander.  Or do a solid 1 piece with no glue the same way.

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