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Princess knife for my niece.

Viktor Johansson

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Hello fellows,

This knife was made for a small girl so it's a little girly. It was her first knife made for 9th birthday present.

Mother gave me stones and my niece wanted them to be put into the knife somehow (mini tutorial). Stones are synthetic corundum, so I guess you can call the red one a star ruby and the yellow one a sapphire. But they are not that expensive so I felt I could experiment with them as I had never before inserted stones into metal.


Ellen kniv 1.jpg

Ellen kniv 2.jpg

No idea why this side didn't get the blue temper color. I tempered in kitchen oven on a piece of tin foil, and flipped the blade like a burger a few times.




The peen block is shaped like some kind of flower. It's made from a block of unknown bronze with a titanium "spacer" anodized using 9V-batteries and baking soda solution. The petal tips were anodized with an extra 9V-battery using a que-tip to just touch the small area to highlight the color.

Ellen kniv 4.jpg

A college helped me by welding a soft piece of mild steel to the end of the tang so I could cold-peen while epoxy is still setting.

Ellen kniv 3.jpg



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Most of my stuff so far:

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These special gift made knives for the (in this case) little girl are a special part of knifemaking as it shows love for others as well as for the craft which this very nicely demonstrates.

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Von Gruff


The ability to do comes with doing.



add resized.png

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I think that is cute as hell! I love the details, and especially the butt cap and peen block. This is a wonderful little knife for a princess.

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