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Inlaying stones into soft metal using a dremel

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Hello fellows,

Here is how I inlayed some synthetic corundum stones (ruby/sapphire) into a piece of copper for a knife handle. I don't know if you can call it tutorial but here is how I did it:


A slot was milled, tricky to make it fit right. Also the damn mill bit liked to fly around and make a mess of things. 

Milled slot 1.jpg


Then the outside of the slot was milled. But I quickly changed to files because it went faster and easier.

Milled slot 2.jpg


I found files worked much better to shape the outside, to create a collar around the stone.

Milled slot 3.jpg


Stone is ready to be set.

I set them by hammering the collar around the rim of the stone using a hammer and a rounded punch-tool.

Milled slot 4.jpg

Milled slot 5.jpg


Stones are now set and ready to be used for a knife handle in this case. 

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On 8/4/2017 at 10:23 AM, Greg Thomas Obach said:

if you use a pitch bowl, it will hold your copper work piece solidly and make life much easier

nice work!

You can also super glue it to a piece of plywood.

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