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New Old Knife

Aiden CC

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There's something about old knives that have seen some use I really like. I don't often buy knives, but when I saw this one I decided it was worth it. From what I was told, it's Swedish and looking at it, I would guess it's in the Southern Saami style (smaller knob, less bend in the blade cover in the sheath). Also, I'm pretty sure it wasn't made by a cutler. The blade shows evidence of forging, it looks like it was shaped with a grinding wheel, but not the large (2-3' diameter) wheels that were used to hollow grind blades like this. The handle also seems home made, still showing rasp and knife marks. I think it's pretty cool to see a knife made this way that's also this old (have no idea exactly when it was made)


I tried to forge the blade as close as possible, it ended up a bit thinner and I gave it a rhombic cross-section since I like that on this type of knife. It's made from 80crv2.


It was a little tricky to grind, it's almost like doing a double edged blade, since there are no parallel sides. I'll heat treat it tonight, along with a small skew chisel I made to do the sheath carving.

Rough Ground.JPG

This has been really fun, I have some other old knives I may try to do this with at some point.

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Very cool sami knife. Your version of the blade looks great, an improved version of the old.

I also love old knives, and from northen cultures, like sami knives, puukkos and a new love; the yakut knife , a very strangely shaped blade from Russian tundra and taiga.

Edited by Viktor Johansson

Most of my stuff so far:

Princess knifeTwo seaxesCrucible steel sword (WIP)

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