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A Knife for the Wife

Jason McEntee

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My wife and I both love the film "The Hunted" with Benicio Del Toro & Tommy Lee Jones. After watching it again recently, she asked me to make her a version of the knife Aaron Hallam (Del Toro) used in parts of the film.

When I began researching the blade from the film, I found the producers used the Tom Brown Tracker. I had never heard of this knife until now; I had assumed the knife was a design made for the film. I tried not to directly copy the design, while still making the knife my wife wanted.

AS29: "The Sweeper"

Steel: 1075
Handle Material: Bolivian Rosewood
Overall Length: 10 & 1/4"
Blade Length: 5 & 3/4"
Handle Length: 4 & 1/2"
Tang Thickness: 3/16"
POB: 0" from front edge of handle
Weight: 10 oz
Heat treated by Lyndle Driggers of J&L Cutlery




Finished Piece:


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