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Here were a few (relatively) recently completed pieces I just got around to takeing pictures of. Hope they are of some interest.

1050/bandsaw blade pattern welded roundel dagger with stainless steel hiltRoundelDagger (1280x667).jpg

A wrought iron backed sax with carved cherry handle.Sax (1024x683).jpg

And a socketed bill hook with a carved cherry handle, I wish I had taken some process shots as I looked around for some here and didnt see any.

Bill (1280x888).jpg

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That roundel dagger is interesting.  I'd love to see how the handle went together.  Likewise, I with I could inspect the seax to see how it looks close up and personal.  I think that the wrought iron back makes you see a bevel where there is just on flowing surface.  I would like to see what that bill could do on a 6'-8' haft.


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Thanks for the interest!

The roundel dagger hilt is in three pieces. Two disks and a thick walled piece of pipe which was flared in the forge, turned on a lathe and then fluted by hand. Im ashamed to admit I then filled the handle with hot glue before piening the tang.

The sax does have a flat grind all the way across, the line is just the transition to the wrought iron wrap.

I made the bill for a show but intend to use it in the garden which is why I wanted a short haft. The rams head was an attempt to dress it up a bit, semi copied from an Indian dagger hilt.

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