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Oroshigane Wakizashi from Argentina

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Hello, for many years that I am member of this forum and very rarely I encourage to post in the. But wanted to show this wakizashi style shinogi zukuri forged in oroshigane, has 56 cm of sheet, has a thousand layers and was tempered in a traditional way. I hope they like it, little by little I'll go up some work if they like. Forgive my bad English. Best regards, Leonard





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It looks beautiful to me, the steel in particular!  The hamon may be a bit low in places, hard to tell, but it's very active and cool!

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Thank you very much for your concepts. If yes, the hamon is low, even if it is cooled in water. I think it was because the temperature was low (756 ° C). Later, after analyzing the material, the carbon content was only 0.45. It would have to be at least about 20 ° C to improve height. As little material we obtained did not make the selection for the carbon content and mix everything. I hope the next one goes better !! Thank you for comment, regards, leonardo

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