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Ever have a blade related "foot in mouth" moment?

Alex Middleton

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This morning I heat treated a 8" dagger that I've been working on every night for the last week.  The last dagger I attempted came out of the quench with a 30 degree bend and a ripple on both edges. This one came out hard, and dead straight.  I was pretty geeked so I went up to the house to temper it, came in the door, and promptly exclaimed "It's hard, AND it's straight!".  After about a three second silence I hear uncontrollable giggling coming from the living room.  As I round the corner I realized to my horror that my 11 year old daughter and her two neighbor friends are there watching TV.  I just kind of hung my head and proceeded to the kitchen to get the blade in the oven. :unsure:

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