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I'm pleased to offer for sale a beautiful and fully useful pattern welded seax.

The materials are:

edge and spine: 80CrV2 tool steel, core: approx 15 layers twist (80CrV2 x mild steel)

Handle: Bog oak, curved deer antler, Hungarian plum wood + leather sacers and silver pin.



Ov. len. 290mm (11,8")

Blade leng. 140mm (5,7")

Thick 3,6mm (0,14")

Wide at handle 23mm (0,94")

At widest point 27mm (1,1")

135$ shipped

Contact via PM or:  krylip (at) gmail.com

Pattern welded seax 1.JPG

Pattern welded seax 2.JPG

Pattern welded seax 3.JPG

Pattern welded seax 4.JPG

Pattern welded seax 5.JPG

Pattern welded seax 6.JPG

Edited by Kris Lipinski
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